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John Sharrock Taylor

John Sharrock Taylor

Writer, Genealogist & Patient Choir Basher



On October 11th 2013, in the three-hundred-year-old Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Socorro in our village of La Parrilla, my choral group La Vid y La Vida sang a Requiem Mass for King Richard III. The idea was not only to mark the recent discovery in Leicester of Richard's remains but also to commemorate those who have been important to us in our own lives. The mass included settings by late medieval composers John Dunstable, Johannes Ockeghem and John Cooke. The choir was augmented by visiting musicians including Barbara Dunn and Simon Pickard of the Gloucester Waites who sang some of the solo parts and played medieval instruments.You can read the full story in my blog 'A Requiem for the King in the Car Park'.