John Sharrock Taylor

John Sharrock Taylor

Writer, Genealogist & Patient Choir Basher

Welcome to our home in the hills of Andalucia, southern Spain, where Val and I live with Biggles, the Aspull Terrier, and Bella the Brat. Please feel free to find this website an eclectic mix, reflecting a wide range of scholarly interests or the magpie gleanings of an untidy mind.

My visible life began in 1946 about nine months after my father (left) was demobbed from the Royal Corps of Signals and, what with one thing and another, it still goes on to the present day.

A former cathedral soloist, I like olives, wine, boats, books and beer and dislike flamenco, potatoes and unfermented fruit. I own a cannon that goes Bang and a Canon that goes Click and allows me to record something of the beauty of this delightful country.

For the first thirty-eight years after leaving university in 1967 I was a teacher, in my native Lancashire then as a Headmaster on four continents. Thirteen years ago I gave all that up to concentrate on writing.


A Wigan Childhood  (Palatine Books 2010)

No Baboons in India  (Amazon 2013)

In and Around Wigan Through Time (Amberley (2014) 

Six Steps from Wigan Pier (JMD Media 2016)

I am currently working on Wigan Pier to Andalucia