John Sharrock Taylor

John Sharrock Taylor

Writer, Genealogist & Patient Choir Basher

Welcome to our home in the hills of Andalucia, southern Spain, where Val and I live on an old olive farm with Biggles, the Aspull Terrier and Bella the Brat.

My new book is mostly about our life in Spain and the people and animals who share it, but it will also take you to the Mojave Desert, the Grand Canyon, the Black Hills of Dakota and a place where humming birds hum in the snowy branches.


A Wigan Childhood  (Palatine Books 2010)

No Baboons in India  (Amazon 2013)

In and Around Wigan Through Time (Amberley (2014) 

Six Steps from Wigan Pier (JMD Media 2016)


Six Steps from Wigan Pier now has a Kindle Version 


Wigan Pier to Andalucia  (See Page)

A Rocket for the Lodgers (See Page)